Self-Concepts martial arts r only 4 serious martial artists who know that the outer enemy and technique is not the matter of fact and the

martial art is a highly advanced way of self-knowledge and body enlightenment where u have 2 know the health and spiritual

aspects 2 and the highest stage will b entered when u realize ur spontanous natural instinct is expression above all limitations of technique

and when u know and fought all ur enemys outside & inside – freedom and peace will get u in no need 2 fight stage.

If u can fight anybody & anything stages beyond there will b rarely beings who want2 fight u bcuz the undestructable mind is an

uncomfortable karma .

I started my formal interest and practice in the martial arts in studying the books of bruce lee(1980)becuz wild neighbourhood involved in

streetfights since age of 5 i knew i had 2 upgrade myself fast if i wanna avoid harm or traumas and movies of kung fu and

bruce lee gave me hope 2 get strong 2 survive and i took chance entering a shaolin kempo club in my city where martial arts was not very

popular boxing- judo -wrestling- karate and teak won do so shaolin kempo was the best i could find for a year – by reading the tao of jeet

kune do i was facinated by get my own way of martial art and develop superman skills .Becuz lack of possibility i joined wtf teakwondo for 4

years and begun 2 start my own jkd process 2 go on with warriors way – i used straight lead jabs/sidekicks and sum variations of jkd

kickboxing arsenal and experimenting with friends and fighters from different styles like boxers and kickboxers 2 develop my own

techniques that work vs different styles and in self defense reality based situations and settings .

So with 16 i start 2 do my own ultimate fights around 1986-92- my challenge 4 me was 2 test my skills vs various descent fighters (meant

minimum same time trained like me skilled and willing 2 do challenge fights) 4 real this kinda challenge was not known at that time rarely

found ppl who willing 2 fight or can do proper – i did not took protection but allowed my challengers 2 use protection gear – no rules – no

forbidden techniques exept weapons use – fight ends by ko – technical ko – submission – i did that vs karate – boxers – wrestlers – teakwondo

-jiujitsu – kempo – kickboxers – muaythaiboxers… and fights usually last less than 10 sec and 4 real they usually had no chance becuz i was

doin martial arts which is unlimited in techniques or rules not like martial sports thats following rules so often even if superior in strength

or weight they were hit from outer space becuz i confronted them with something they dnt ever saw – expected or trained so usually noone

could block attacks he not knows – groin kicks 2 boxers – lowkicks 2 karatekas – elbows 2 wrestlers etc.I usually choose techniques vs style

that they dnt use or allow so tactic beats technique – the street and my bloodbro a guy like badr hari taught me 2 that most methods fail in real fights.

After visiting my first jkd seminars by larry hartsell end of 80ties were he wanna teach us basics of jkd kickboxing – trapping and grappling

that was an eye opener 2 me becuz i get 2 know how less i know – i knew i had 2 upgrade technically – i could do striking and kicking but

trapping – grappling – groundfight and weapons i was less than noob so i knew i had 2 study more styles and so started 2 study wing chun in

a club which gave me really an upgrade 2 my personal kickboxingstyle becuz the rapid straight blast chain punches were ideal for my

agressive infightstyle – also i started 2 do kali autodidactic by whirling sticks and muay thai by kicking deadtrees down and kicking all

steelpoller at streets .

In the 80ties my town was a bunch of crazy wild torn ppl like skins – punks – hools – turkish or lebanese gangs etc. who were looking 4

trouble and victims all day so if u wanna move free u might surely get into trouble even if u r were not looking 4 or going 4 it – if u

mayb stay at home forever or move always restricted or b a victim all day all life that was no option 4 me so martial arts in that days had a

reality based connection 2 me and i did sum real street fight experience tryin 2 use my martial arts 4 self-defense and 4 real

thats not like a  van damme  movie encounter but a mass of uncontrolled unlimited agressive lethal experience

noone should watch4 or think he can b prepared easily in workshops at weekends – those things r really not 2 control becuz

usually u hav 3 vs 1 – 5 vs 1 -10 vs 1 they attack u when u wounded or from the back with bottles – ashtrees etc- they use weapons like

knives – gaspistol – baseballbatts etc. and worst thing is even if u kickass whole 10 ppl like steven seagal – if they r not dead

they often come back 2 finish the job with more ppl more weapons etc. so ppl i rly know streetfight – know self – defense so plz dnt believe

any of those so called self defense trainers – masters who can teach u self-defense in hours becuz in real fights often superior

fighter loses by bad luck who dnt know this haven´ t got much experience in real fights – in real fight unluckily the trousers u wear or the

ice on the street might decide the fight or just lucky sucker punch strikes – in real fights often circumstances and nasty trix make the

win not superior technique – fightstyle or abilities – this is a big tabu becuz most martial arts wanna make money with self defense or they really believe they can do but 4 real most of martial arts masters hav no or small experience in real fights and tournaments or

competition hav nothing 2 do with real fights were 10 ppl wanna try 2 kill u with baseballbatts – so listen self – defense in these days is no easy thing and could end up with hurting and killing so stay away from experience like these if u smart and wanna live longer.If u survive then ur self – defense was sucessful – thats reality no movie. The fiction of martial arts effectivness in streetfights and self-defense

is usually a myth exept rarely found masters who did that a lifetime and these r usually not found in these locations/situations of

nonsense violence .

The mastery of martial arts is 2 challenge and fight urself not outer enemys -the masters who bully and rival others r usually under dan

becuz 2 busy with fighting internal zoo if u going 2 b grandmaster .

I started studying biology and philosophy (92) and started 2 develop another personal style from energies from mikkyo ninjitsu

candomble capoeira angola – djin chen tai chi – kalima kali – ninja aikido – ma wu tai chi – 5 elements hsing i fist

8 prebirth pakua palm in 13circles – etc.

Meeting best masters available and taking private lessons (protect their names and legacy) took me deep down into internal martial arts

self – defense was less interesting but perfection of personal style and develop internal skills like powerstriking – rooting – centering

– chi development – mushin etc. was my aim 2 become high level internal martial artist . Most masters saw my potential and talent and try

2 bound – restrict or destroy me so i learned much why btr keep it up 2 b my own master .

Iron palm and dim mak or burning palm for serious training purpose so i leveled with many grandmasters without searching at those

days – sifu hit hard almost kill and i met a lot so that finally end 2 join external search – i was 23 when leveled with masters >40 years

experience etc. and started 2 do serious spiritual enlightenment work on my own these days….

plz read then my way in development of Self-Concepts becuz after my big enlightement during death i optional rarely met masters becuz

wanted after resurrection 2 keep my source almost pure and learn from natural instinct and spiritual inspiration – my internal

master within – primarily no external exchange or input needed but possible if cautious and rare 4 level or experience other masters -styles

– energies . Many grandmasters dnt meet others becuz of respect and own circles .

I felt all the fight – destruction – fatal skills was 2 extreme one sided – missing link needed 2 get balance so i started 2 learn other side

means health practice like korean hand acupucture – big tcm traditional chinese accupuncture(400 hours) – chigong mastery and did

learn for healing practitioner exam for 3 years . (2000)

After getting body and mind enlightenments knowing self beyond ego and know what is another

hard 2 get in serious conflicts/fights becuz connected u can dissolve illusion of seperation and enemy .

Even u hav solved ur inner conflicts and control ur demons sum ppl might feel uncomfortable in close contact or may try 2 attack u becuz

their inner conflicts and demons get upset or mayb triggered by the presence of master and they r not aware of these shadowprojection and

its very hard 2 explain or handle it .Most pros know that this is real mastery 2 handle personal projections like negative transmission and

do not take it personal and help the client 2 understand that masters r mirrors 2 help u 2 trigger ur hotspots

so dnt feel harmed but take chance 2 change by process of awareness .

I started 2 teach self healing through chigong etc. coach ppl 2 develop positive energy enviroment ( like feng shui )

or mind and soulwork and enlightenments.

I developed ren chuan that is based on human virtues and no fight concept while higher levels cannot b reached without virtues (real

martial arts -/ styles – spiritual traditions follow virtues that give students guidelines 2 develop ) .

Also spider chan which taught me my birdspiders that had perfect killerinstinct and timing .( neigung style)

I found movies like silent flute/blind master – remo williams – kung fu hustle – matrix – dune – fountain

the last temptation of christ great inspiration .

Also books from takuan – huineng – musashis well known book of five rings – hagakure and philakolia etc. show ancient masters superior

skills and wisdom – the masters who inspired me most were bruce lee – wang xiangzhai – musashi (all personal beyond style )

juan de cruz – antonius abbas –


After reaching mysticlevel the so called non violent – no war – no fight state ends becuz devil & friends take any chance 2 corrupt my

character – intention – and godwork and the real fight starts

most so called avatars have not reached levels beyond avatar lv 5 and think love & peace and harmony are goal and end

but come in 2 my heaven & hell and try not 2 fight u won t last a sec.

Also most systems only support 10 th dan were is full perfect circle if go beyond its different becuz rly

reality starts again and root unleashed rise and anything goes or can happen so b rdy .

Martial art turned to b a tool in my actual spiritual practice 2 desolve internal energies or express or train hidden levels just discipline 2

fight my private zoo as purely internal art often private horror show – dnt try this @home plz

I know tiger and dragon hunt but definately dangerous stuff .

Even early in my studies many grandmasters who wanna recruit me saw me beyond any levels over the top and threat – i hav just now

started 2 think my level is ok 4 my age but listen the deep & dark martial arts r rly no school 4 any

becuz u can seriously get lost or b harmed .


4 internallevels later i developed korean boxing style which has


mudang level           spontanous natural movement no technique

sulsa level                ghostwarrior (smoke like a dragon & drink like tiger) – davidoff and grey goose vodka highly recommended

dosa level                 dragonslayer


on journeys later i developed black jaguar bagua and mayb sumtimes i stop doin that or in da end i develop orca tai chi lol

b aware that mayb ancient man had no martial art but was superior warrior – just like bam

often style and forms pervert inner natural beauty that has pure expression no limits


2 make friends mayb btr option 4 us than enemys-

violence – destruction that can done by anyone

is no sophisticated method and mayb u hurt urself or others in fatal ways



In martial arts the graduation 4 me can b split in 2 different qualities becuz i found not all masters hav same qualities in realisation of the

way – teaching – styleperfection – demonstrating – fighting (competition-freefight-real fight…total different) .

I hav never found any differentiation like this but found it worth 2 mention becuz its rly time 2 see and separate the skilllevels and a great

teacher in style dnt hav 2 b best fighter and a great master dnt hav 2 b a good teacher so awake .

On the way there r fighters – warriors – teachers – masters – grandmasters – headmasters – rootmasters etc

u will rarely see ppl who hav all levels.


dangraduation in style 1.-4. techniques master integration 7-10… personal style 10….beyond style


dangraduation in fight/combat 1.-4. advanced combative skills vs various styles and fighters 5.-6.instinct /subconscious fightmaster

multiple /mass attacks 7-10. dan no violence/ no fight concepts – internal fight theories and practice


dangraduation in teaching 1- 4. teaching style /techniques and skills 5.-6th teaching applications and personal style – external level 7.-10.

make masters – teach virtues – give whole system or style – teach internal skills – spiritual warriors and leaders


dangraduation in the way 1.-4. external techniques and skills 5.-6. highend style and fight 7-10. internal personal challenge – virtues – no

violence / no fight -beyond techniques -style -internal fight 11-13.roots of martial arts


So mayb a master of 4. th dan who knows whole techniques and style can b a worse teacher or fighter and than mayb dan lv there .

Also a 1st dan style can b a great fighter who can beat grandmasters in real fight like andy hug .

So dan in style – teach ability and fight ability r different usually so b aware not all dan mean same abillity or skill on any level .

Also there r sum masters who even not the best fighters or knew all style but they deep into the martial root take care deep down .


– often masters better teachers than grandmasters becuz they r more funky

– usually real 5th – 6th dan mayb best external fighters usually know style – hav personal subconscious fight level

– usually 7th dan internal style stops external fights

– 10th dan full circle beyond style – most martial arts hav 10th dan max and that is not that bad

only 4 those like bruce lee who wanna go 4 the root its must hav 2 go further

– there is a reason why usually ppl get > 10 th dan beyond death

– 11th dan mayb external possible so 10 th dan mayb btr but dnt mess with beyond 7/10 th dan ppl after 5/6th mushin established

– and 13th dan is really deep down root of martial art bmi <18 owner oh oh


And ppl who can or have alternative and can stop oriental martial arts should btr stop – dancing is great alternative and boxing – wrestling

(ancient martial arts ) best foundation 4 most attacks in self defense or try 2 wear sunglasses and b scary lol .

So i dnt wanna teach beginners or ppl who dnt know martial arts but those who 2 far 2 stop and mayb help not 2 get lower or survive deep

down stage – godwarriors do tode/dante sparring in hell sumtimes .

I have taught and/or fought ppl who were pro security or doorman – national kader of german shotokan karate or wtf tkd – nrw jiu jitsu

champ- nrw kickboxing champ – european budokai champ – european kickboxing champ – 3 times muay thai champ germany

masters and grandmasters with up to 30-40 years of martial arts background and related 2 masters like jesse glover – dan inosanto – ming

shan – cui rubin – wong shong leung – mikael ryabko etc.


I myself still learning …

just practised 22 to 33 styles most just basic level -( jkd branches – shaolin kempo- tkd -old karate branches – boxing – kickboxing -old

muaythai–old capoeira – trapping- grappling – wing chun branches- old tai chi branches- hsing i – bagua – aikido – ninjitsu – iaido

kenjitsu – kali branches – yiquan branches – baji chuan – iron palm – kyusho – dim mak – systema – keysi – 52blocks – middleage weapons

branches – old fencing- i 33 ……………….

my personal styles (gladbeck fist (hall of fame) – exotic energy cross system -3 star internals- arachniquan -a…..yongchan chuan- ren

mudo – mudang kwon – sulsa kumdo – dosa kwan – blackjaguar pa kua ……)

and the unknown no technique no style art


never wanted 2 learn unlimited number of techniques

or 13. forms

just one or none

sum say i do no jkd (since 80)

sum say i m yongchuan (since 89)

sum say i hav no skill yiquan (since 94)

sum say i own empty force

if they 8t or not

i found my style

but my belt is white again

i m student

i hav just 0 dan


virtual fighter 2 as semipro

i found 4 testing hand/eye coordination – reactiontime – concentration(12h) a highend tool r multiplayer games

i usually practice them in my energy or meditation sessions multitasking

@ tekken tdro (2nd weekrank from 40000)

@ spartacus legends(top 100 europe)

@destiny (abilitykills topten of 33million -40 kills best match)


  •  The third stage — the stage of artlessness, or spontaneous stage — occurs when, after years of serious and hard practice, the student realizes that after all, gung fu is nothing special. And instead of trying to impose on his mind, he adjusts himself to his opponent like water pressing on an earthen wall. It flows through the slightest crack. There is nothing to try to do but try to be purposeless and formless, like water. All of his classical techniques and standard styles are minimized, if not wiped out, and nothingness prevails. He is no longer confined.