There r different kinds of clients joining SELF-CONCEPTS

  1. beings who wanna upgrade themselves in life getting fit 4 life and do an effective way of daily practice 4  1-2h  – SC life courses/coachings/upgrades best 4 them – choose SC workers level – take the blue pill 4  security – happiness – joyful life
  2. beings who wanna learn 2 b more creative and athletic by joining protraining that is usually only taught in spec ops – monastarys etc. to get full potential and master body & mind & soul 4 daily practice 2-6 h  SC spiritual courses/SC seminars/SC coachings 8t 4 them – choose SC artist level – take the blue or red pill
  3. beings who wanna become truely whole beyond any openly taught system 2 go 4 Self & Enlightenment 4 daily practice 5h to max. should join SC Masterclass courses/coachings/enlightenments/fulltime studyclasses – choose SC master level – take the red pill 4 skill – truth – enlightenment – freedom






I developed Self-Concepts 4 my own purpose 2 become martial arts master and get whole enlightenment 2 find the best

and most effective methods becuz i found no method that was enough 4 what i was looking 4 .

I was often in contact with masters and pros in martial arts – spiritual – fitness- arts – health- fashion – music -gaming- pua who asked me 2

share my skills becuz they were unique – simple – essence – effective so thats why i started 2 give my own experience

and methods 2 others who know most methods fail and most pros dnt share their personal masterkey way.

I respect ppl who hav another focus or value in life 2 – and i hav friends who like 2 prefer 2 take the blue pill vs the red pill

but so i know its possible 2 help both but u hav 2 know were is ur limit and direction 2 join the right SC courses/coachings .

So its my experience of my work 2 separate the beings who will join and njoy the process of Self-Concepts and those who just wanna try or

will suffer – so tell me if u choose the blue or red pill and which level u think u r : worker – artist – master 2 find the best way of growth 4 u .


The Self – Concepts is built and meant 4 spiritual pros who wanna gain full potential and reach whole enlightenment and selfknowledge

this way is only 4 those who hav another direction in life than most others and those who wanna take the responsibility

in their life 2 work on their body – mind – soul skills on a daily basis and empty ur cup 4 consciousness expanding so u hav 2 give up ur self

concepts and point of view .

The niveau is pro level : we go 4 such as satori – golden blossum – sahaja samadhi – abstact flight –  dark night of soul etc. so 10000 h

meditation and body – mind – soul mastery is basis 2 do such work 4 sure and we do that in everyday life so 4 those who just go 4 an easy

life and those who r satisfied with themselves or think they know already themselves Self-Concepts is not recommended

becuz we go  beyond comfort or self-concepts .

In these days many ppl go 4 the program : power & fame – success & money & sex – comfort  & luxury & high life with no problems and

earn an access 2 vip card 4 heaven or hell but this is not business of spiritual beings who go 4 truth – selfknowledge – god .

Most ppl fail in life and suffer becuz lack of self- esteem and strength – so fear of loneliness & failure or weakness 2 do

things or unflexibility 2 start 2 change urself – so 4 those who wanna try 2 build up body – mind and soul fitness and wanna face their ego &

weakness & fears and need constructive critics 4 change 2 a better version of themselves and reach whole potential by theory and practice

SELF – CONCEPTS is a way .

Many ppl identified with common ego  often judge the wealth of persons in money – attractive body – materials

(car-airplane- house etc.) – success in job – fame – but even so called stars who might fulfill  the whole program

suffer or might commit suicide and anybody asks why he/she did not feel satisfied – happy or goes on with a rich and

famous life with billions of fans .They might  not hav found the key and real treasure of real homecoming – humans hav

lost the connection 2 themselves and god and so feel separated – lost and alone in loneliness – if u come 2 core

and fountain u feel all one and quest and search stops u get homecoming 2 urself and the illusion 2 find

this kind of treasure in the outer world – in roles or in relationships 2 other ppl disappear – u hav it all in urself .

Then njoy ur own program or the life u will choose with the priorities u define is much easier and richer 4

sure and optional the former distractions of the way can become part of ur way again .

The knowledge of ur self and faith in god – the states of mastery body – mind and soul – having discipline 2 do hard things 2 reach aims –

prepared 2 sacrafice – do what u say – learning and supporting mayb tell more of real value of beings than just the likes of facebook

and material goods/ bads or instrumental roleplays in the system –

isn t neo the one without function and why is he then such a threat 4 the matrix .


SELF-CONCEPTS is meant 4 pros and passionate beings who know how rare and special this kind of work and info is and can appreciate

that this kind of offer exists .

Real knowledge   know – how and will 2 share is rarely found in the field of spiritual development and if given often leads 2 totally wrong

ways – i never ever found anybody who can give me all the answers 2 all the questions i had – most dnt know – many dnt understand

more just lack knowledge – skill or will 2 share/teach – real truthseekers know that this is fact not just my personal problem.


SELF-CONCEPTS is 4 spiritual pros – models – pro athletes – actors – therapists – healers – body workers – martial artists – enlightenment

guides – shamans – spiritual musicans & dancers – meditation teachers – energy masters and coaches and related

passionate beings who want 2 find a spiritual basis on own practice 4 body & mind and soulwork 2 rise energy – awareness and

consiousness without guru – teacher – monastry – group – organisation etc. and become ur own master – teacher – coach .

SELF-CONCEPTS meant for highest achievement of human potential and consciousness but has levels and ways for common ambitious

ppl too 4 upgrade .These r the SC lifecourses / coachings and SC upgrades these r toolboxes which support skills in common with the most

beings who wanna upgrade themselves in life fitness – relationships – pua/communication – success in business – creative art expression

– stress management – self defense- gender development etc.

4 me there is a big gap between common ppl or spiritual ppl – the common ppl try 2 usually go 4 happy – easy – life

do dutyprogram of system  –  just enough 2 go through life – dnt try 2 do  things 2 become aware of limits of ego – skill or life .

The real spiritual beings might hav these 2 – but mayb they r aware 2 go beyond – know that world is a casting and life is a challenge

their skill and mastery will lead them 2 awaken and overcome program or system 2 get preview of alternative ways of being and living free.

Learning & supporting goals 2 master – they enter hell b4 death 2 fight and get 2 know the key 2 get rid off

anything but god – mayb they lose all but fall in 2 themselves until egos die in god .


On the spiritual courses I-II-III the basis and foundation is built 2 become body – mind – soul master and energy – meditation and

contemplation master without these ur system / ur physics on all levels is not prepared 4 more

and join higher and deeper enlightenments 2 find and reveal the truth in different dimensions  – so Self-Concepts will overcome

all concepts of self and involves concepts 2 self experience and enlightenments – so still alive 2 limitlessness.


SC leveled > bw 850(hawkins model/consciousness level)


It leads 2 own spiritual practice and awakening through own experience in the truth.Its not suitable for humans who have not the talent

and dedication 2 enter the truth because what they will experience will bomb their illusions and egos 2 dust and everybody on the

way should b aware that everything has its price and b rdy 2 sacrafice but usually people want 2 have common life and want 2 have the

spiritual way extra but there is one very advanced stage where u r the one and understand why alone is all one and if u

overcome all dependencies outside and inside u r still human – u still live ur life but everything is empty – not bounded – free .


Self-Concepts usually can b done solo ( without tools – machines – partners – groups) just need 2 qm place and discipline 2 do what has

2 b done 4 training daily and nightly (most important much solo/isolated- time/room needed)


Self – Concepts can only work if u hav full trust in the method – it has all keys 4 reaching mastery and full enlightenment (other spiritual

ways and practice can b incompatible or harmful)


If u r rdy 2 do the practice daily and do the work (If u dnt have motivation for daily practice SC will not work – If u dnt follow instructions u

may get problems and cannot reaping the rewards of SC)


If u r willing 2 take full responsibility 4 the way (its a highly advanced way at the limits – so u hav 2 know this is a dangerous

way 2 go and SC cannot take responsibility 4 any problems and is not liable 4 any damage caused by any practice )

Even never ever a client got into trouble or was harmed if he follows the instructions carefully –

the ego is smart 2 change or do things vs instructions and then u might get into deep trouble –

b alert its important 2 listen and practice carefully plz .


Most ppl r not aware that they live in a self constructed environment (usually of social and common pain trigger/avoidance )

and self – concepts with an i want 2 stay like i am attitude and friends of same psychotype and other ppl are mayb weird or evil

(4real projections of not integrated shadows )

Only 4 those who wanna learn 2 change themselves and get over their weakness and pain will take the challenge and pay the prize

(GOD support essential on the way – high spiritual path often without compromise and extreme stages of mental & soul condition )


Also let lose and losing – situations – patterns – ppl – on the way usually can b very painful but the way 2 truth is the loneliest

and hardest way but can lead 2 all(in)one freedom and g(o)od .


Self-Concepts is an ultimate way of revealing the truth and enlightenment 4 real truthseekers & dragonslayers & godwarriors who have

not reached their aim 2 find and realize the truth and want 2 find their way through the doors and keys of secret

transmission by the truth itself and brings effective body & mind and soultrainings 2gether with the highest and deepest levels of

sophisticated genius theory of  self-cultivation beyond all limits unknown b4  .

Its only meant 4 real truthseekers who r able 2 sacrafice anything & anybody on the way becuz its about let loose and real dragonslayers

who know the outside dragons they avoid and kill the inside dragons 2 reveal true power beyond their fears .

People who  lost themselves on the ways of esoteric happiness r not prepared 4 the real truth which is different from realities known b4 –

wishing – wanting – expectations – choice.

Consciousness expanding means 2 open ur sight / mind but most people only want 2 stick 2 their opinon and want and need absolution

4 their mistakes and self suffering and doubts in themselves.

If u  r searching 4 a way where u get something without hard training – pain – fear – and changes of urself(urlife)

and paying the bill u should go on another way which promises such .

But think of the word of buddha – life is suffering

& jesua sacrifice.


I do not expect anybdy 2 believe anything what he has not experienced or do things that will b not compatible with his life – aim

or system so i do not push all ppl 2 the max  but 2 that level that is the best way 4 beings 2 upgrade them in their personal

realization or suits 2 their potential and possibilities.

So i do not teach my personal martial art or other arts becuz i want 2 help others 2 find their own ways but after solid base on SC mastery

they will b the new STANDARD hope the legacy of SC will rise through godwarriors like u who take the challenge 2 master this way 2/4




My clients mostly themselves highly experienced professionals hav levelled themselves with worldrenowned avatars – spiritual masters –

shamans or coaches like mother meera – karmapa – don pedro – tony robbins etc. found SC unique – effective and no nonsense upgrade .

Usually the higher advanced and developed the ppl r the more they know that there is no open university – academy – school – master –

coach who has this kind of work 2 offer .

But as we all know comparison with others is just nonsense and SC is a system 2 fully grab ur chance 4 being ur own way & master and

hopefully become ur best actual version of urself day by day- moment 2 moment …

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.