Usually the Knowing of Self represents the Enlightenment and Avatars on lv 5 Samadhi/Satori standard of the Truth  2 day but

since my fulltimestudy on Enlightenment 4 over 30 years i got through many kinds of Enlightenment stages – levels and processes which

were totally different in nature .

And so my wish 2 truly enlighten has become true and neither is Enlightenment a product or just selfawakening but a complex hard

unknown secret – the promoted loss of  ego – fear – bad is relative and involves no superskills but being human .

There r many kinds of enlightenments i found that r different  2 access and 2 reach and sum easy others almost impossible 2master

trance – natural enlightenment – enlightenment of legacy – enlightenment of gender – buddhist – hinduist – shamanism – christian

enlightenment etc. r not the same lv or practice or experience those who follow the integral way or hav written about the unity of all ways

lack the experience or practice becuz most of them hav not reached any enlightenment stage or just one and think the others hav 2 b same

but that is not right and i want all beings 2 b aware self and god exist but even u get there its not the same

and its my legacy 2 push gods beings 2 awake beyond



Self – Concepts is a holistic scientific sophisticated way of self knowledge that is based on the independence of soul – mind and body.

It has simple practice – complex theory and high and low enlightenments with concrete experience and effects and works with live/death –

truth and self in a direct unique and independent way.

The basis is training in bodyworks – energyworks – mindworks – soulworks that evolve and develop

energy – awareness – consciousness and root .

So 2 hav a strong basis through Spiritual I-II-III courses gives the confidence skills and power 2 enter enlightenments.

Enlightenments hav not all same nature sum shorter – sum longer – sum deep – sum high – sum fun – sum terrifying – sum need a day or

week – sum need years or a lifetime 2 master – the experience is often bigger then ur self-concept or ego and often needs years 2 fully

integrate and grow into the whole meta.

There r also different levels of enlightenment realisation

– Small means get the experience or lv once

– Medium means can enter enlightenments/lv again

– Big can share/transmit enlightenments/lv

– Founder was common first known generator of stage like Buddha – Laotze – Jesus .

There is often a big difference between enlightenment stages becuz often the ppl who try 2 describe those are not master or hav done just

one – i did shaman enlightenment(change side/death) with 26 – buddhistic (enter void )with 33 and christian(dark night of soul)

with 42 and others inbetween b4 or ltr – i can definately tell those who follow the integral way that is based on all gods

describe the same god and all enlightenments describe the same level or truth is neither the reality nor the truth

– while shaman goes in subconsciousness trance otherworld sum call hell and is born through death

– the buddhistic void enlightenment makes ego relative and enter mind with unpersonal – form is emptiness / emptiness is form

– the christian dark night of soul cannot revealed by any master or work itself –

only the mercy of god can show the rare species who r prepared 2 enter the darkest parts of the soul 2 experience and stand all that is just

possible through the support of god and its impossible 2 reach alone by meditation or prayer practice .

The self – concepts enlightenment system is the only available system worldwide who holds supports and transmit the different levels and

knows that the integral ways are misleading becuz often zenmasters think they hav attained mysticlevels but that is not true – there a

thousands who can attain levels like advaita – satori – or b true shamans but less than 100 on mystic lv higher than bw 700 –

so 4 those who will b rdy 4 the highest path 2 god – and sacrafice the world – their life and themselves

chance 2 enter and do not fall into the traps of being just fooled in enlightenment stuff that just pretend 2 get the ultimate truth

but 4real just a level on the way .

The christian mystic work is no superskills but personal exorcism of the 7 demons and sins – 2 work on that .

Its said that devil stalks u only when u leave his ways so b prepared 4 a liftetime fight .The initiated knews that the key 2 heaven is found in

hell and who do not know himself beyond common ego do not know his fears and will b bound in life & world .

The illusion u hav a nice life and btr heaven is the greatest trap – the comfort of ego is njoyment of the demons inside leads straight 2 hell

the hidden surppressed weakness and fears will b bound the soul enslaved – only discipline and fasting on the seven sins

and mercy of god in the end will make u surpass the world – life and abyss of urself on all levels 2 become free after this hardest challenge

mission and fight a human can do .Hope the right godwarriors will rise and take chance 2 join themselves on this sacred path.

Especially if really attained avatarlevel 5 or higher real spiritualmaster might dnt need common company or relationships

and after lv 7 reborn – being more connected with god than 2 any other being.

For avatar to lv 3 spiritual I course mastered minimum for avatar 4 to 7 spiritual II and III courses mastered basis

needed becuz stages often  beyond any limits of body – mind – soul .

Avatar levels 4 and 6 are used 2 b only interesting 4 high level bros or shamans who wanna integrate into higher mystic stages .


SC can only give possible settings higher than 6,9 Avatarlevel becuz higher than 7 r only guided by god

and spiritual egos then start 2 melt if GOD joins .

SC is unique becuz such stages usually never attained in the real busy world but mayb mount athos or

by eremits in the desert who follow the antonii abbas code .

Usually ppl think that special skills like aura viewing – channeling – healing – telepathy – telekinesis – futureviewing – levitation

mindreading – teleportation etc. are signs of spirituality and godlike nature but as a real expert i know that this is quite bs becuz

almost all kinds of skills can also b supported by evil ghosts – entities – gods .Most ppl think is the method works – feels good – heals or

gives special skills its godly but its often trap and usually the higher a being is developed – the less he owns or shows such powers .

They try 2 act and b  – in a simple human way even they possess powers .

(sum of my students own superskills but only if given not selfintended usually they r go(o)d

becuz god hates the mediums and fortune tellers etc.


Why should u become enlightened – u stop searching but found urself  – this alone will give u more satisfaction than any outer stimulation

or need becuz it will last permanently and u will b calm and happy within urself – u become more potential human – u realize

bad in urself and others and can handle it btr – u hav less stress or conflicts – u hav more confidence and power 2 reach ur goals –

u know how 2 turn weakness into strength / fails into sucess – know there is no master exept urself – u know that ego is relative & dynamic

not static – u can b more honest 2 urself and others – u can stay alone and lose fear of imperfect or fail becuz u know u r on the way 2

upgrade and selfacceptance – u heal and compensate the negativity of beings and the world.


80 % of humans < bw 200 these ppl unaware of the truth they can b worthy ppl with strong intellect and intelligence but the are usually

limited by themselves not 2 expand consciousness or change themselves beyond intellect .


a bw 300 can compensate 100000 unaware ppl a bw 600 can compensate millions and an bw 1000 can compensate 1000000000 so 4 the

world and all beings the work and awaken of enlightenment self is needed .


bw meant as consciousness lv not iq


bw >1000 jesus son of GOD

bw 900 john the baptiste

bw 850 antonii abbas

bw 700 juan de la crux/teresa avila/master eckhart

bw 600 padmasmbahva – karmapa / lao tze- chuang tze

bw 550 rumi – sokrates – parmahansa yogananda –

bw 500 dante-churchill 33°- augustinus von hippo

bw 400-499  swedenborg – milton -goethe – shakespeare – tesla – galileo galilei – mahareshi mahesh yogi

– aldous huxley – allan watts – ken wilber

bw300 mother meera – mother ammaji

bw 200 common citizen


from charts from dr. david ramon hawkins


Based on this training the foundation is used 2 attain different levels of enlightenment :

1. natural enlightenment

this stage often reached by my students if they just in contact

it is the stage were u stop searching and b just one with ur actual version of urself in ur life

common ppl say then ah he/she is arrived by him/her self


2. enlightenment of self (related buddha enlightenment)

who/what i am optional b what is another c …….

avatar lv 5

needed 2 get 2 know egos r relative not ultimate

needed 2 go void

teachings of buddha & sum high level yogis practice selfenlightenment of mind 2


3. the connection with the ultimate -(THE STRING) god connection basis ( no mystic or unio mystica) needed becuz godconnection is most

important on all levels

if u dnt have this u might get lost or serious harmed becuz way is loneliest – hardest – dangerous way can b only done by godsupport

(this can b mastered by joining the soulwork – prayer courses I-III and mercy of god and can lead 2 mystic avatarlevel beyond 7 )


all other enlightenment r optional and include different stages :


4. enlightenmnent of legacy (karma – family – relationsships) avatar lv 2 needed 2 understand relationships – work – life –  roots

(family is blueprint 4 karma nightmare 4 relationships get 2 know oedipussy & electra 2 get rid off false love & partners )


5. enlightenmnent of gender (gender role/powers – opposite sex – development of personal/multi  gender) avatar lv 3

needed 2 get whole personal powers integrated



6. bodyenlightenment that is 2 stop thinking and pure energy / awareness known through higher spiritual sexpractice

trance dance or mushin spirit of martial arts




these enlightenments r only 4 pros like shamans – spiritual masters etc. who dnt need common life – relationships etc. and wanna go

beyond any limit and borders truely transcent life/death – heaven -earth



7. enlightenment of world & power (nature & culture in harmony –place & time – possibilties and opportunities – who rules the world )

avatar lv4

needed 2 integrate world powers

the ways of milton – wilson – dante – swedenborg


8. enlightenment of the shadows (related shamanic laotze/chuangtze enlightenment—- recapitulation/abstract flying-flyer

with the unconciousness mind & soul unleashed— nature revealed roots ) avatar lv 6 needed 2 do timewarp & placeshift & antispyfly

recommended 4 real shamans only or those who wanna get out of this stuff


teachings of don juan matus

chuangtze /laotze


9. enlightenment of the ultimate (related jesus enlightenment) avatar lv 7 needed 4 personal connection 2 the ultimate

cannot ever reached by any will or action just entered by mercy of god and given potential

(100 ppl mayb less or more in the world 2day )

7 higher mystical stages

enlightenment of the ultimate


teachings of

gospel of thomas


master eckhardt

dark night -juan de la cruz/theresa avila avatar lv 7




antonius abbas tomb avatar  lv 8

abbaswork 7 sins – the great grand philokalia



avatar lv >10






The aim is 2 enter his own potential – master his body – mind and soul and realize the highest possible truth in his life without the need of a

way – master/teacher – monastary/sanctuary – group/sect -church/institution .

Many high level reikis – yogis – tantras – lamas- sufis –  grandmasters etc. wanna recruit me since 16 but sry just felt that only god is  my

master and i can find all the truth in my self that is needed 4 full enlightenment .

I haven `t found any other way like Self-Concepts and the teachings and coaching should lead u 2 ur own way and mastery of truth becuz u

do find answers 2 any questions in urself by self practice and training .

Becuz of that the student is only in contact with Self-Concepts master coach until he has the information that is needed 4 self-mastery and

not long term relations that r used 2 foolish people and bound them 2 slaves .

The truth as mentioned is not my truth but THE TRUTH that maybe bang ur mind hurt ur self-concepts and is not like u wanted or

expected b aware of the fact that wishes and expectations r not related with the truth which is not changeable by will

so u can b different in cope with the truth but the truth itself is the same 4 every being…


evolution on the way

search the truth

find the truth

realise the truth

judge the truth

hate/love truth

accept the truth

absorb the truth

b the truth

give the truth

release the truth





If the soul is vigilant and withdraws from all distraction and abandons its own will, then the spirit of God invades it and it can conceive because it is free to do so (Abbas Cronius)