So common prize for 1 on 1 personal individual coaching for a session/sessions

– 10 session card x 45 min is 2000 €

  • single session 400€

If joined coachings/courses its possible 2 enter practice/ correction sessions

– 10 session card x 45 min a 1000 €

  • single session 200€


Prize 4 Upgrades – individually solo sessions depend on topic and duration .

usually single session 200€


4 Self-Concepts members u get offer 2 get the life pack or spiritual pack

(includes 6 individual courses a 2000€ ) 4 a 2 or 4year plan with a

monthly fee of 400/200 € so u get one course 4 free .

This offer is suitable 4 most serious practioners who wanna learn all the basics

and own it in a limited time and monthly fees .


The most SC lifecourses bodycourses spiritualcourses hav 20 x 45 min 4 2000€


The SC seminars can b joined as single session 2 x 45 min a 200€


Coachings/courses depend on level and topic so usually they 45-90 min or 180 – 360 min sessions sumtimes individually longer


SC Coachings / Seminars can b done via telephone 2


practice/upgrades and correctionsessions are focused on techniques and refinement 4 exercises and

infos from courses or coachings so 2 keep highest standards


If some new client joins coaching/ courses becuz u recommended – u will get one session on this level 4 free or special offer on courses .

If 2 join u will get one course 4 free on that level.

If parents join a course kids mayb get special offer 2 join plz ask 4 that .

The first 12 courses /coachings per year get also special offer so b smart 2 start 4 earlybird .



Self-Concepts is usually 4 advanced experienced ambitious professionals 4 reaching highest aims of human potential and consciousness

and i think this kind of work is mayb the most valuable work in life so if u hav any doubt in skill or costs no need 2 join .

Self-Concepts is no service but unique sophisticated theory & practice of the way and the knowledge and

know- how that u rarely find and cannot buy with money .

So u should not think u buy a service but u get the option & chance 2 get something rare and special

on the basis of donation/honorarium u like 2 give .

Unlimited the number of ways 2 ( fitness – nutrition – martial arts – spiritual development )

but it is said wide is the way 2 hell small is the way 2 heaven –

2 find the most effective methods and right way will cost the most ppl more than a lifetime.


Sc courses and coaching can give u lifetime stuff so many clients and students give more or do donations after years

becuz then they rly know what fruits and benefits and effectivness of SC r –

btw thx 2 all of them .


U just get the chance 4 a session so if clients dnt work proper means have not reached level or changed themselves in the way it is coached

or do not show will 2 learn or respect i stop coaching b4 session usually ends becuz its no service .

So b aware that u hav no rights 4 an amount of coaching if u pay but 4 common practice more than 98% will not dismissed and most ppl

njoy – feel respect and honour 2 join this kinda of life changing selfmastery methods .

The costs depends on the level of coaching – courses and income of the client (4 students- 4 poor people etc. contact 4 individual solution) .

Also in these times i offer clients if they cannot pay in usual way 2 pay via exchange of services

or comparable things in worth like bitcoin etc …

U should not see only the work which i do with u in contact but my preparation and research and investigations in theory and practice of

body (since 80) mind (since 87) soul (since 88) work with searching 4 the truth in life and death -with

martial arts – bodywork – energywork – meditation – prayer etc . – many years 5 hours energywork – 5 hours sit meditation – 3 hours martial

arts training – 1 h bodywork so 15 hours consciousnesswork & prayer was quite normal 2 me

>50000 h formal self training in body – mind – soul since 1980 – i do not so much training 2day usually 5h just2 hold my levels

but if i m  not coaching i used 2 do training or retreats .


I have spent almost all my energy – motivation – dedication – passion and money in the research of truth – enlightenment and god and that

means travelling – personal instructions – courses – books – movies – internet – relationships

and sacrifice and diet (not only food but more) of life and in daily routine training 2 develop and experience my own spiritual way of

self -development which gave me more truth than any other existing method – style or way .

thx god


“Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie.” —Miyamoto Musashi.