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Everybody thinks he knows himself best but that is just self-concepts the image we hav about ourselves that is constructed by common

consciousness – its the standard definition of ego and usually expresses through gender – roles – skills…

so 4 eg an answer 2 the question who r u – could b   – i m a male asian top martial artist with fastest hands in the world –

this is a standard answer but lack the truth of true self beyond 4 real humans hav multi egos – genders – roles and self-concepts

but usually separated from subconsciousness were all the weakness fears and things we do not want 2 feel or b r hidden –

we can only get a full spectrum of consciousness and ourselves if we go beyond .

Most people cannot stand evil and try 2 avoid or surpress bad situation or people or experience

and even they r confrontated they r not aware of it .

SC coachings trigger like a catalyst often hot spots and process of selfknowledge so u can see its not ur negative transmission on the coach

but ur own shadow u hav 2 integrate .The moment u take responsibility 4 ur own shadow 2 heal ur disconnection of self

and u see the former  projection on the coach will become disillusion.

4 the serious truthseeker its clear that self goes beyond ego/self-concept and light/dark r one not 2

so become a whole holy means 2 get 2 know all hidden darkness and b truely human not god .


























                                       leads 2 B UR SELF

The common person thinks he is ego and has a self-concept what he is – that is built up 4 comfort and usually has separated himself from

his unconscious mind were he surpresses all bad feelings or weakness or fails 2 live in the illusion he is more or less okay

but truthseekers who wanna do serious selfknowledge might know that if u go deeper 2 get 2 know all surpressed and hidden levels thats a

hard long journey that only courages and strong beings can handle becuz destroying ur self-concepts and illusions any moment

2 face weakness and fears is obviously a bootcamp and no honeymoon.The I – ego – self-concepts is different by age – role – setting and

mood not static and permanent like most think but often constructed and repeated over years – we all have the feelings we

know our self but the most even do never enter subconciousness / mind or soullevel – so who we r there and is it same as our common

self – concept or total different from that and how 2 integrate and live with multilevel egos .

But the self-concept can b reseted and what we think what we do under free will is often the most smart way that our (7demons) will give

us – so hunger for eg makes us 2 eat – we want food – so only if we learn 2 break the chains through fasting we can rly decide

with free will .So rly get 2 know our self and develop a free will is a long term quest and fight and is usually attained only through long

solotime – dedicated work on body-mind-soul and letting lose self-concept – distractions – comfortzone – illusions – ideals

– ideas – wishes 2 reveal who u rly are and b able 2 truely express urself . Its different 2 b aware of ur egos and fears and conquer them – 2

have egos is not same issue as being selffish – the absolute static ego just shifts 2 a relative dynamic and that often helps 2

avoid conflicts or hurts because tolerance and empathy is growing within these process of selfknowledge .

The goal and aim of Self-Concepts is 2 b urself on any level beyond self concepts/image beyond common/spiritual egos and fears or

unconsciousness but become ur real true nature and find and reveal the truth in urself without guru-master-monastry etc. but based

on high efficient practice of body – mind and soulwork which develops the energy – awareness and consciousness as a basis 4 the more

higher and deeper enlightenments (experience of truth that changes ur point of view from the core of urself – generally not what u

expected) in different dimensions as process .

The aim is not 2 develop siddhis ( aura viewing or other spectacular or uncommon development of fancy powers) but 2 enter urself and get

2 know the ultimate truth – u need all the power on the way 2 survive and enter.

Usually the people who searching 4 spirit – truth – god want 2 reach a state of freedom – peace and harmony with less problems and a

comfortable feeling of love – tolerance and no evil – even some enlightenment stages own this and obscure gurus and traditions

transmit this kind of state often they r not permanent – just peacies of the truth and there is a great difference between the real

truthseekers who want 2 become whole holy and alibi esoteric wanderers who just wanna join soul wellness

or instant enlightenment trips and who want 2 become good / holy not my business –

the truth is not changeable in it self but ur judgement about it can b different – but usually disappointing – hurting- unexpected –

many people think everybody has its own truth but i disagree with many of the so called

truthes and this is just a phrase of people who do not know the difference between wish – reality and truth .

The foundation of Self-Concepts is daily training of body – mind – spirit – soul and u hav 2 take ur daily solo training time (1to24h) 2 get 2

ur limits and develop more in ur true self – if u lack motivation 4 this Self-Concepts is not suitable.

Self-Concepts coaching is like a spiritual mistress helps u 2 find ur weak and hidden spots 2 get 2 know ur limits and borders of trauma

egos and 2 destroy ur self-concepts – 2 enter unconsiousness – 2 expand ur mind and get ur nature and power back.

The Self – Concepts coach is a catalysator 4 ur surpressed hidden unconsciousness mind and weak or hot spots 2 destroy ur actual

self-concept and awaken in deeper states 2 ur higher self – like a mirror often u see the coach as projection of ur unknown shadows

so u should know the negative transmission process – the projection of past figures of ur life like parents – expartners etc. on the

Self-Concepts coach becuz often those old relationships have hidden unsolved processes that stop us from being free or stuck in old roles

or hurts and we only can solve and release those if we take the duty 2 recognize those meta patterns – 2 make the best of this hard and

consciousness developing setting becuz ur actual self-concept/egostructure might b hurt but only if u stuck 2 this u will suffer

by taking chance 2 understand our weakness or hidden spots and expand our mind we get 2 know our real self btr and accept us and others

more not trying 2 seem perfect by nature – never doing mistakes or feel ashamed by just being human and take responsibility

4 our life and being 2 go on 2 upgrade.

Often the way is like mountain climbing an exotic way and it needs decision – dedication – sacrifice – hard conditions – solotime – letting

go – and the reality of truth on the top is far away from the expectations and comfort that u will like – usually many do not believe that it is

so different from what they know that they r not willing 2 accept this truth because its different from esoteric infos and advaita

enlightenment or gurus who haven `t got any aggression – problems – disharmony etc. but this is different from the kind of never ever

revealed b4 in public multi enlightenments in Self – Concepts which hav different levels and topics and have given me most answers about

my fundamental questions in life just through – watching – researching – thinking and experiencing life/death – relationships/isolation

egos/fears etc. and training just 2 understand and find the truth and god – what i was looking 4 my whole life in every aspect and being

autodidactic and

 „solo dios basta  “        teresa avila